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Need help please: I'm disabled motercycle accident need help with rent electric and gas bill also food ty

I'm disabled motercycle accident need help with rent electric and gas bill also food ty
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Angel Heaven   in reply to Glory Be   on - One Hand Helping Another in Need

Help with power bill. 215.00 any help would be greatly appreciated God bless
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shannon 1107  

NEED HELP PLEASE: PLEASE please i need help paying DUKE ENERGY $215.90 BY 5pm 7/21/14 im not working do to

PLEASE please i need help paying DUKE ENERGY North Carolina $215.90 BY 5pm 7/21/14 im not working do to a disability. waiting on disability payment. Can anyone help will pay back or pay it forward as soon as i can. acct # 1273671820
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NEED HELP PLEASE: I am in need of $5000.00 or anything that you can give my family and i are being forced

I am in need of $5000.00 or anything that you can give my family and i are being forced out of the military due to some inuries i have sustained. We have to relocate but lack the funds to do so at the moment. Im not asking for a handout. I can repay anything that is given. Than you in advance and god bless.
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Ralphgould   in reply to Lcollver   on

DO YOU NEED A FREE CAR? This is no joke,it's very real..

I need a car but can not afford one do to all the bills I have and having to ride my bike from Poultney,Vermont, to Rutland Vermont a 20 something ride both ways is not easy and trying to keep my job and get all the bills paid and yet after that is done you have very little money left for the love of your life and the two kids to witch we do love very much . Times a hard yes but it makes it even harder when you work long hours just to make ends meet. I hope you can help us out with the car situation, I thank you very much, Ralph Lee Gould Jr.
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Aidpage Open Letter: help me please i dont know what eles to do

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana;
US Senators from Indiana: Daniel Coats, Richard G. Lugar;
US Representatives from Indiana: Andre Carson, Baron P. Hill, Dan Burton, Joe Donnelly, Larry Bucshon, Marlin A. Stutzman, Mike Pence, Peter J. Visclosky, Steve Buyer;

i need help get my self back togathe befor the take my kid i been every ware try to get my gas back on iam behaid on my rent and my kid need winter clothes please help me any body this is my last place try to get help


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About mojo2978

im 32 living on my own trying to make things better for myself but got let go of my job on monday april 26 2010 now im having trouble getting the money to pay my rent just got all my utlities caught up now i am two months behind on rent if i dont come up with the money to pay my rent my landlord is going to kick me out. i have no where else to go so would love to stay here. i like the place im living dont wanna lose my place of resadence.

 can someone please help me i dont know where else to go for help.

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About Awohali

I was abandoned by my husband and I am a single mother who is struggling to make it.  I have asthma and so does my son and Pepco is going to disconnect us in 1 week.  I am trying to get a job and finish my school so I  can support my family.  I have no support in place and need help.  I don't know what to do times is very hard.
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About lstovall

I really need finanical help. got myself in financial trouble using the payday loan places because  of a family emergency in Texas..My wifes dad got really sick and we had to make an emergency trip down to Dallas in June...then in Sept he went into a coma and we had to drive down again..both times drove straight thru.. and had to use the pay day loan..we did not receive any pay while down in Texas both times...He passed away in Sept..we have struggled ever since...we need help please...behind on car payment and rent by two months.. car payment is 317.00 a month and rent is 689.00 a month..please help..Larry Stovall

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About mom&needhelp

I am a 22year old mother with a 3year old son his dad is in his life but he wont get a job because he dont want to pay child support I have over $3000.00 in doctor bills from me not being able to get insurance in time enuff within that 3month priod so please any one anything would help. Please!!!!

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About flphoenix

I am a single mother of one.  I receive no child support or alimony from my abusive ex-husband. I just finished going to school in the hopes of being able to provide a better life for myself and my child.  In this economy, I have a huge student loan debt and no place to go. I desperately need help with a decent vehicle and a place for us to stay without having to worry about being kicked out or troubled while I get my game plan together to get us on our feet. 

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About corinne29

My name is Corinne, My family is in need of help. We our loosing our home here in Oregon. We are trying to sell everything but dont have much and no luck. We have a free home in Florida. I can barely afford to feed my child so me and my husband have been going hungry. Im trying to work as many jobs as I can. We need to find the money to fix our van and drive from Oregon to Florida. We have a free home there that my husbands grandfather owns and givin us his blessing to live there. I dont know what to do Im so stressed and never ask for a hand out, but it has become so bad I need anything I can find to get my family there. I had to give custody away to close friends that do not struggle to survive (hardest thing ever) because we cant afford to have them both. I have worked my whole life and try to help anyone in need with what little I may have. I will work or do anything, we need help so bad to raise the money to make it there. I dont know what to do. I pray everyday and am struggling and slowly losing hope. I am a very strong women but when it rains it pours, and I am afraid for my family it just keeps pouring no matter how I try. Even if we some how raised the money I would work 200 jobs if need be to pay it back. I could go on and on of all the terrible things we have been through but i do not want to make this a huge sob story. And it would not change anything from the fact that we just need the money to move. If anyone knows of anything please help our family I will pay it forward anyway I possibly can as well. I have a huge heart and have always tried to help others and have always will. That is just who I am. So for the first time I am putting my pride behind me and trying any and everything i can try/do for help. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I will leave my email if you know of any way for us to get help. God bless

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About FlaGal

Just ask any questions and I will be willing to answer them.  I am open and honest.  Thank you for your attention; it is much appreciated.

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About rhonda141339

i need help getting christmas for my 23 month old son. i'm tring to raise him alone and his father don't help with anything. as most people see money is tight these days. thank you god bless you all. Dustin scott is a very smart little boy who i wish i could give everything to but i'm poor and asking for help thank you

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About indebt911

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About mommyof2boys

Hi..I am a mother of two beautiful boys who are 2 and 4 I am 20 years old and have been tryin to do things on my own since I was 15 when I got pregnant with my first son. their father does not help at all after our 2nd child he left me for anther women he got pregnant.. all I need is 80 dollars to turn on my gas so that we can have heat and I am able to cook food I mean I do ok btu this gas thing has really stumped me if anyone can help please let me know as soon as u can thank u so much and really appropriate it....

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About clhelp

Need HELP... PLEASE...had a Heart Attack haven't been able to work for 3 months, been in and out of hospital. No FAMILY living, to turn to except ex-wife which had cancer and can't support all my needs....HARD to get CREDIT for HELP, with bad credit from previous marriage...I stand a chance on losing everything and out on the street with a bad heart..I've tried everywhere...there has been no one out there to help....


*********UPDATE ALL THINGS ARE TURNING ROUND!!!!***************

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Looking for some help

Hi I am looking for a little help here. I know there are alot of people asking. I am in debt really bad and I don't know what else to do. I am a mother of 3. I am really struggleing to make ends meet. If you or anyone can help it would be greatly appriciated. I can even work part timejust has to be around kids school schedule. I could even work from home. This is my email address Please I am not looking for spammers or solistors. Thank you
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Please Help!

I work from home to spare the expense of childcare, and my husband broke his hand last month... We are 2 weeks behind on rent, and I do not know what we are going to do! If anyone can help, even just a little bit, you would be an angel! Please please help us!



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Cheri and Ed  

Both disabled and were victims of "worse case" contractor fraud

My husband and I are both disabled. We were victims of "worse case" contractor fraud by a "not so honest" contractor. Believe it or not, what he did to us isn't even illegal.

My husband and I are both disabled. (Not wheelchair bound yet) After leaving an increasingely abusive marriage of almost 25 years, I was finally able to escape the marriage and was hopeful to begin my new life.

I am still permanently disabled due to a medical treatment, but was not able to get any financial support from either my ex husband or adult son. I was awarded a dilapitated home in my divorce settlement, but no monthly income and no medical insurance. In other works, i had no money to fix it up. My boyfriend at the time (My husband now) helped me to borrow money to do the necessary repairs. The only loan we could get was from a Predatory lender, since we are both disabled and had very little income and are currently living off one disability pension. My husband is a disabled veteran.  Mount Vernon, Wa.  When I contacted our local HUD office, I was told that we made just over the income limit to be eligible for a grant or a low income home repair loan. Unfortunely all the money we have goes to pay the mortgage and buy food and attempt to pay the bills.

We got $70,000. from the predatory lender. We hired a licensed and bonded contractor and were hoping to get this home up to current standards and codes. Unfortunately that did not happen!  The contractor left our home almost completely "demolished". I will attach a few pictures. so you can see the condition of the home the way the contractor left it. The contractor did not even tell us he was leaving. When he realized that he had gotten all the money we had, he picked up his tools and we never saw him again. The contractor did not permit the job and none of the work he and his employees did was up to code standards.He left us with no kitchen,no bath and no running water. There were live wires hanging everywhere and plumbing pipes just cut and not hooked up to anything.

Due to the contractor's negligence, there is mold forming both inside and outside the house and my husband is getting sicker and sicker every day he lives in this house.

When I contacted our local HUD office, I was told that we made just over the income limit to be eligible for a grant or a low income home repair loan. Unfortunely all the money we have goes to pay the mortgage and buy food. We cannot get a rehab loan from any lenders (even the predatory lenders).

We don't have any more funds to finish our house and we are living in a tent inside the main living area because the contractor took out the electric wall heaters. We are using the oven and space heaters to try to heat the home and now we can't afford to pay the electrical bill.

Now we have a repair bill on our truck which we desperately need. We can't get the truck back untill we pay the $3,500. bill.

We are both very depressed and feel like we are spiraling down. It seems like our lives are one catastrophy after another. We need to get our home liveable and safe.

PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!


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